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  • Onboarding

    At Omni Gaming, we have a structured onboarding process for all new members to facilitate their smooth integration into the community.

    Upon signing up on our website or joining our Discord, new members will be personally contacted through a direct message (DM) on Discord. Our objective is to establish an individual connection with each prospective community member via a brief Discord voice call, aimed at welcoming them and discussing their interests and how Omni Gaming can align to those interests. This dialogue typically takes about five minutes and is designed to communicate the ethos of Omni Gaming and understand the new member's preferences. Following this interaction, new members will be assigned to a suitable squad. This interaction is a fundamental step in our onboarding process, setting the stage for a member's journey within our community.

    As part of this process, we require new members to maintain a clean record of no Unexcused Absences for their first 30 days. During this first 30 days, members will be known as recruits. Additionally, newcomers must attend a minimum of four practice sessions to successfully complete their onboarding. This dual-pronged approach ensures our new members are fully immersed in and cognizant of our community ethos and operations. 

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