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  • Frontier Family

    In Omni Gaming (OG), we house a unique entity called the 'Frontier Family'. This serves as the incubation hub for all new games introduced to our community. The rule is that a game remains in this division until it has successfully formed two full squads. Once this milestone is achieved, the game is then eligible for progression and can graduate to become a standalone family within our community.

    The Frontier Family is a crucial part of our community structure, helping Omni Gaming to support many different games and diversify the gaming options available for our members while ensuring a committed player base for each game.

    Any member is welcome to request a new game be added to the Frontier Family by creating a post in the "new-squad-applications" forum on Discord. We ask that everyone follow the Post Guidelines when posting a new game:

    1. Title Appropriately: Begin your post with "Game Request: [Game Name]." This will make it easier for others to find and engage with your post.
    2. Introduce the Game: In your post, provide a brief introduction of the game, including its genre, gameplay mechanics, and any other notable features.
    3. Potential Interest: If you know of other members who would be interested in forming a squad for this game, please @ mention them in your post. Having an initial group ready to form a squad can help get a new game off the ground.
    4. Respect Others' Opinions: Remember that not everyone may share your enthusiasm for the game you're suggesting. Maintain a respectful and open dialogue with those who may have different opinions.
    5. Game Availability: State the platforms on which the game is available (e.g., PC, PlayStation, Xbox, CrossPlay). Include any relevant information about its cost or subscription requirements.
    6. Stay Engaged: After creating your post, stay active in the discussion. Respond to comments and questions from others in the community.
    7. No Spamming: Please limit your game requests to one per week to ensure every member's suggestion has an opportunity to be seen and discussed.

    Following these guidelines will ensure a respectful and constructive space for us to consider new additions to our Frontier Family. Let's work together to expand and enrich our gaming experience at Omni Gaming!

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