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  • Discord Rules

    Below are the rules for the Omni Gaming Discord that anyone in the Discord is expected to abide by:

    Respect: We require all members of the Discord to engage in a respectful and constructive manner. To maintain a positive atmosphere, we kindly ask that profanity targeted towards others or contributing to communication clutter, be avoided.

    Inclusive: We uphold a strict no-tolerance policy towards any form of hate speech or any form of discrimination. Let's create a friendly, inclusive, and collaborative gaming experience for all.

    No SPAM/Promotion: In order to ensure a distraction-free and enjoyable gaming experience for all, we ask our members to refrain from any form of spamming or unsolicited self-promotion. Let's focus on fostering genuine connections, enriching discussions, and meaningful gaming experience. Do not promote other discords, communities, outside events, etc.(including invites via DM) Advertising other organizations outside of Omni Gaming is prohibited. Please feel free to advertise your own gaming exploits via Youtube, Twitch or other content platform as long as it does not advertise another community.

    No Divisive Content: We kindly ask all members to refrain from potentially divisive subjects such as politics or religion. Similarly, any form of adult content is not suitable for our community. Let's keep our interactions focused on our shared passion - the joy and camaraderie of gaming.

    No Cheating: Integrity is fundamental to our Omni Gaming community. As such, we strictly prohibit the use of cheating in game or exploiting game glitches.

    Sportsmanship: In Omni Gaming, we believe that good sportsmanship is at the heart of a vibrant and positive gaming community. We strongly encourage all members to show respect towards each other, opponents, and the games we play. Whether we win or lose, we uphold fair play, graciousness, and a positive attitude. Negative behaviors such as taunting, rudeness, or any form of unsportsmanlike conduct are not in line with our community values. Let's foster an atmosphere of mutual respect, enjoyment, and camaraderie in every gaming experience. 

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