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  • Crew Types

    We offer three distinct crew categories within Omni Gaming to accommodate various commitment levels and gameplay interests:

    • Casual Crews: These crews are a perfect match for members who have limited availability or those who prefer a more laid-back gaming atmosphere. Casual squads gather for a practice session once a week and offer flexibility for members to enjoy multiple games at a relaxed pace.
    • Conventional Crews: Suited for more engaged members, these Crews conduct practice sessions at least twice a week. Participation in multiple squads is permissible provided the practice schedules don’t overlap, allowing members to explore diverse gaming experiences.
    • Competitive Crews: Tailored for those who seek intense competition and high engagement, these Crews require significant commitment, with practice sessions held at least three times a week. Members are actively involved in competitive endeavors such as tournaments, ladders, and leaderboards. Please note that due to the intensity and dedication required, members of competitive squads may only participate in one such squad at a time.

    Each crew type within Omni Gaming offers a unique gaming experience, facilitating an ideal fit based on your schedule, commitment, and preferred intensity. Choose wisely to fully immerse in a gaming journey that resonates with you the most.

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