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  • July 23rd 2023 Leadership Meeting



    • Introductions:
      • Peekmaster was introduced as the new Don for the Frontier Family.
      • Miss Vendetta was announced as the new Consigliere in the Community Team.
    • Store Update:
    • Supporting Area Military (SAM) Charity Event Recap:
      • TypicalVet shared his experience of taking a pie to the face and being pelted with water balloons. Noted that the pie was not very substantial and the water balloons could have been filled more. The entertaining footage can be found here:  
    • Rank Images:
    • Website Progress:
      • The website development is ongoing, with rosters expected to be added soon.
      • The website will soon have the capability to track attendance for individuals in their main squad.
    • Family and Community Team Updates:
      • Call of Duty (CoD): The CoD family is experiencing steady growth, although there have been some attendance issues arising from divergent preferences for gaming modes. The team is actively addressing this concern to cater to the diverse interests of its members.
      • Destiny: Things are running smoothly in the Destiny family. To enhance the gaming experience, new channels containing pertinent game information have been added on Discord. These resources are aimed at providing quick and easy access to crucial game data.
      • Frontier: The Frontier family is eager to expand and include more games in the near future. They are actively seeking suggestions for a new game to add to their repertoire. If you have a game in mind that would make a great addition, please share your suggestion in this Discord channel: https://discord.com/channels/1115374063783788574/1125341520338370600
      • Community Team: The team is looking forward to an upcoming event/meeting scheduled for Thursday evening. It will likely feature gameplay from Phasmophobia, which will be live-streamed for everyone's entertainment. Also, a Halloween Costume contest is on the horizon - it's time to start brainstorming creative and fun costume ideas!
    • Onboarding Process Discussion:
      • An in-depth conversation was held regarding the onboarding process after the 30-day probationary period. Topics included what questions should be asked, who should ask them, and how the Community Team should be involved.
      • Further discussion will continue to take place regarding the requirements for full onboarding after the 30-day period.
    • Closing Remarks:
      • The meeting concluded with appreciative shout outs to outstanding members and staff, with special recognition given to our server boosters.


    Below is a full recording of the meeting:


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